Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 - Model ZW100-ZWUS

Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 - Model ZW100-ZWUS
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  • Item #: 112139
  • Manufacturer: Aeon Labs
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ZW100-ZWUS
  • Condition: New
  • Batteries Required:: 2 - CR123A (not included)
  • Battery Life: 2 years (estimated)
  • Tamper Protection: Yes
  • Z-Wave Chip: 500 Series Z-Wave PLUS (Z-Wave 5101)
  • AC Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Scene Capable: Yes
  • Operating Temperature Range: -4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: Indoor/Outdoor Rating (IP20 if motion sensing only disabled)
  • Range: 500' Indoors with line of sight, no obstructions.
  • Direct Associations Supported?: Yes
  • Humidity Sensor Range: incremental monitoring of humidity ranging from 0% to 100%
  • Light Sensor: Yes
  • Manufacturer Product Version: ZW100-A
  • Motion Sensor Range: 15' (5m), 120 degree field of view
  • Network Inclusion: Yes
  • Security Compatible: Yes
  • Signal (Frequency): 908.42 MHz
  • Supports Z-Wave AES-128 Security S0: Yes
  • Supports Z-Wave Network Security: Yes
  • Temperature Sensor Range: -40 to +257°F (-40 to +125°C)
  • UV Sensor: Yes
  • Vibration Sensor: Yes
  • Z-Wave Repeater: Yes
  • Beaming Supported?: No
  • OTA Firmware Updatable: Yes
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The best MultiSensor.  The best Z-Wave.


MultiSensor 6 has the newest version of Z-Wave built right in. It’s a better version of Z-Wave than you’ll find in our first MultiSensor and in competing products. It uses the latest chips and firmware for cutting-edge performance.

That Z-Wave is Gen5.

MultiSensor 6 is a part of Aeotec by Aeon Labs’ Gen5 range of Z-Wave products. That means that it outperforms all that has come before it. It’s built upon the latest Z-Wave 500 series chip and firmware, offering a 50% greater wireless range and a 250% faster communication speed over previous Z-Wave products. And, because security is integral, it always has AES 128 bit security encryption built right in.


Latest Z-Wave. MultiSensor 6 is powered by Z-Wave’s new-gen 500 series chip, the best foundation for modern smart home devices.

Always-on Security. The need for secure communication is met; MultiSensor 6 benefits from AES 128 bit communication encryption.

Better Wireless. MultiSensor 6’s wireless communication is 250% faster and broadcasts over a distances as great as 150 metres.


MultiSensor 6.

Make your home really intelligent.

One tiny device packed full of intelligence.A smart home is only truly smart when it’s intelligent. A smart home has to offer more than a schedule; it has to react to what’s occurring in a home in real-time. MultiSensor 6 is the foundation of a modern smart home; within its perfectly small exterior lies all the technology for real-time intelligence.


6 sensors. 6 times the smarts.


Motion sensor.

Motion for security. Motion for presence. Motion for management. MultiSensor 6’s motion sensor is perfect for more than just an intelligent security system. With a 5 metre range and a 120° field of view, MultiSensor 6 captures motion data that can be used for everything fromsecurity to heating management to energy saving. Knowing if a room is occupied or a hall is being used is a powerful piece of data – MultiSensor 6 makes your home automation system more powerful and more intelligent.








Temperature sensor.

From motorised curtains and windows to fans and thermostats, there are a lot of ways that you can use Z-Wave to keep the temperature of a room absolutely perfect. MultiSensor 6 provides the intelligence to do just that. Within each sensor is an incremental temperature sensor capable of accurately measuring between -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F) and reporting temperature changes back to a smart home gateway.


Light sensor.

Automated lighting is only as smart as the system that powers it. With MultiSensor 6’s real-time, digital light sensor measuring the level of light in a room, your home control system will be able to intelligently maintain its ambiance. From opening and closing curtains, to setting lights to be the perfect level be it day or night, MultiSensor 6 is the smarts behind smart lighting.








Humidity sensor.

Spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens can be too humid, while some environments are often not humid enough. MultiSensor 6 offers incremental monitoring of a humidity ranging from 0% to 100%, allowing for the intelligent automation of fans, motorised windows, dehumidifiers and humidifiers. MultiSensor 6 monitors your home on such an infinitesimal level so that your home management system can make your environment truly perfect.


Vibration sensor.

It measures the environement it’s in, and it also measures itself. MultiSensor 6 contains a seismic sensor capable of detecting and reporting event-based vibrations. Those slight changes can be used to protect MultiSensor 6 – it’ll know if an intruder is tampering with it or if the sensor has accidentally moved from its place of installation. They’ll also be able to record subtle seismic activity within your home.







UV sensor.

Perfectly managing an environment means understanding it perfectly. MultiSensor 6 accurately measures ultraviolet light; the kind of light that causes everything from furniture bleaching to eye damage. Measured inline with the World Health Organisation’s UV Index, MultiSensor 6 measures a room’s UV level so that an environment can be managed through curtains, shades and lighting, and so that health and property recommendations can be made.


Not all MultiSensors are created equal.

There are MultiSensors and then there are MultiSensors. MultiSensor 6 isn’t just a redesign of Aeotec’s most intelligent sensor, it’s a complete reengineering from the inside out. We didn’t just tweak our first Multisensor, we redefined it.

Tamper protection
Tamper protection.

Now securer, MultiSensor 6 offers tamper protection, constantly monitoring itself to warn of movements or attempts to prevent it securing your home.

Secure communication
Secure communication.

As it secures and monitors your home, MultiSensor 6 is now itself secure. Communication between the sensor and your Z-Wave network is now encrypted using the AES-128 bit data encryption.

Superior wireless
Superior wireless.

Further and faster, MultiSensor 6’s wireless signals now reach 50% further, up to 150 metres, and 250% faster.


For superior accuracy, MultiSensor 6 can be calibrated for every room and every environment with manual calibrations wirelessly available for its temperature, humidity, light and UV measurements.

4 times the life
4 times the life.

Forget changing your batteries a few times a year. MultiSensor 6 now works up to 2 years before you need to change batteries offering 4 times the battery life of the first MultiSensor.

Superior quality
Superior quality.

We’ve searched the world for the best sensors to power its 6 sensors. MultiSensor 6’s specialist sensors are now sourced from leading companies in Switzerland and the USA.

Half the batteries
Half the batteries.

Four different AAA batteries have powered past MultiSensors. Despite doubling the battery life of MultiSensor 6, we’ve reduced the number of batteries that power it down to just 2 (batteries not included).

Lighter and easier
Lighter and easier.

Easier to install in all sorts of ways, MultiSensor 6 weighs 50% less than the first MultiSensor making it installable even with double sided tape.

Hello Fahrenheit
Hello Fahrenheit.

Wherever you are in the world, MultiSensor 6 speaks your language. Imperial Fahrenheit joins Celsius in the new sensor.

Digital light
Digital light.

Measuring light between 0 lux to 1000 lux, gone is the analogue light sensor with it replaced in MultiSensor 6’s with real-time, digital measurements.

70% smaller
70% smaller.

Sometimes smaller is better. Completely redesigned and reengineered, MultiSensor 6 is 70% smaller and 100% more elegant.

6 in 1
6 in 1.

Amazing things come in smaller packages. MultiSensor 6 offers 6 different sensors, with UV and vibration sensors joining light, humidity, motion and temperature sensors.


Precision engineering.

Sensor technology gets more impressive every day. Your smartphone benefits from it, and now your home can too.

MultiSensor 6 has been precision engineered based on a very simple premise: for a smart home to truly be smart it has to be intelligent. Really intelligent. Around that idea we’ve built a sensor that offers your home 6 key points of intelligence that Z-Wave smart home systems can use to make truly smart decisions.

And then we made MultiSensor 6 even better.

  • 2 x CR123A batteries (not included)
  • Light / UV sensor
  • PIR
  • Z-Wave 5101
  • Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • PE Lens
outdoor sensor

Outdoor sensor.
Use outdoor intelligence. IP20 rated, you can use MultiSensor 6 outdoors by disabling its motion sensor and usings its 5 other sensors.

accurate sensor

Accurate sensor.
Designed and calibrated to be as accurate as possible, MultiSensor 6’s six sensors are fine tuned to have accuracy variations that are as little as only ±0.2%.


Updated sensor.
An intelligent sensor that will keep getting more intelligent, you can update MultiSensor 6’s settings and firmware using wirelessly.

battery detection

Battery detection.
When run on batteries, MultiSensor 6 will send low battery warnings to your Z-Wave gateway before it’s time to change them.


MultiSensor 6 is sensitive to change. But it might be too sensitive for your needs. You can decrease or increase the sensor’s sensitivity from your Z-Wave gateway.


Every MultiSensor 6 is calibrated by our engineers for precision. And you can calibrate it too, adjusting the values of its sensors to be precise for your home, indoors and out.

power modes

Power modes.
It’s 2 year battery life is fantastic. But power it by cable and MultiSensor 6 can make even more accurate and more frequent sensor measurements.


Tamper detection..
Its security features are themselves secured. MultiSensor 6’s AES 128 bit wireless encryption is complemented by anti-tamper and drop sensors.


Perfect wireless.
An intelligence and security sensor needs to offer reliable wireless. MultiSensor 6 does. Its fine tuned antenna means that it can communicate with other Z-Wave devices up to 150 metres / 492 feet away.


Z-Wave Plus Certification

Z-Wave Plus is an upgraded certification program to help you identify products that take advantage of the "Next Gen" Z-Wave hardware platform, also know as 500 Series or Gen5 Z-Wave. Z-Wave Plus certified solutions feature a selected set of extended features and capabilities that enhance your experience with faster and easier installation and setup. Z-Wave Plus advancements also provide longer battery life, faster operation, better wireless range and improved noise immunity.

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Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6

Model ZW100 - User Manual PDF

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Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6 Firmware Upgrade

Download & Instructions (Version 1.06)

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Download Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 User Manual  Download Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus MultiSensor 6 Firmware Upgrade Download & Instructions - Version 1.06


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