We sell a variety of Home Automation controllers to help you manage your Insteon network and all the Insteon devices that comprise it.Your Home Automation devices can be controlled in a number of different ways,

  • Wireless, Battery Operated Remotes,
  • System Controllers or Hubs,
  • USB Flash Drives for PC or Mac,
  • Home Automation Gateways for which may also include iPhone/iPad and Android Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Scene and/or Group Controllers


Whichever method you choose, HA World has an option for you.

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    Managing your home automation devices through a handheld remote let's you do many useful things, and is the most affordable example of primary or secondary controllers, but eventually you may want the more sophisticated options that a Gateway or a System controller can offer you.

    Home automation gateways can provide the ability to control devices across the Internet, either through another computer or a Web-enabled phone.  Remote home control and monitoring is now possible thus allowing you access to your Insteon devices from another location. Security concerns such as turning on an indoor light to give the appearance that someone is home, or maybe just turning up the thermostat in winter so your home is nice and toasty when you arrive home for a late dinner are examples of the sophisticated home control that more advanced controllers can give you.  

    Gateway devices are secure and normally require a separate password-protected login for increased network security, and once logged in, control of your homes lighting, security system, doors, shades, thermostats, and even video cameras is possible from anywhere, even on vacation or for your vacation home!

    System Controllers, Hubs and USB sticks are another great way for more advanced control options by allowing the user to control their network using a PC or Mac, and share alot of the functionality of a gateway, through the use of software and or hardware modems or interfaces.  

    There is also another category of controllers which are used to fulfill a variety of very specific needs, know as dedicated Scene or Group controllers.  These controllers may be similar in look and function to a normal Insteon rocker switch, or some of them feature multiple buttons, each capable of controlling a different scene or group command as the user desires.  Some of them also have the ability to operate as virtual 3-way slave or accessory switches as well.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in choosing the best type of controller for your system.