GE ZigBee In-Wall Smart Switch - Model 45856GE (ZB4001) (4 Pack)

GE ZigBee In-Wall Smart Switch - Model 45856GE (ZB4001) (4 Pack)
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  • Item #: 11413
  • Manufacturer: General Electric/Jasco
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 45856GE
  • Condition: New
  • Compatible Auxiliary Switch for Multi-way circuits: GE 12723 (Paddle), 12728 (Toggle)
  • Single Pole/3-Way Compatible?: Both (3-way compatible w/coordinating remote, sold separately)
  • Dimming Capable: No Dimming (On/Off only)
  • Color: Includes White & Lt. Almond faceplates
  • Color Options Available (Yes/No): Also available in Ivory, Brown & Black (sold separately)
  • Packaging: OEM Packaging, Retail Box
  • AC Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Controllable Loads: CFL, LED, Xenon, Halogen, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Ceiling Fans and other Motor loads
  • Max Wattage (Incandescent): 900 Watts (Total)
  • Motor Load: 1/2 HP
  • Resistive Load: 1440W Resistive, 12 Amps (Total)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 77° F (25° C)
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: Indoor use only
  • Range: 100 feet Max line of sight btwn Wireless Controller and closest ZigBee receiver module
  • Signal (Frequency): Zigbee 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4
  • Compatible Gateways/Hubs: Works w/ Lowe's IRIS, Wink hub, Logitech Harmony Home Hub Extender, Staples Connect, SmartThings, Best Buy PEQ, Time Warner Intelligent Home, Rogers Smart Home and more...
  • Neutral Required: Yes
  • OTA Firmware Updatable: Yes
  • Switch Style: Rocker, Standard Decora
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Take control of your home lighting with the in-wall ZigBee Smart Switch from GE.

This unique in-wall switch enables remote wireless control of on/off of hard-wired light sources or ceiling fans using your existing Zigbee hub device, and replaces your current light switch.

Providing ultimate flexibility, the ZigBee Smart Switch is easy to install using your home’s existing wiring and allows you to operate the switch by itself or easily integrate with two-way or three-way applications.  A two-way wiring configuration turns a light or appliance on/off from one location, while three-way wiring configurations turn the light or appliance on/off from two separate locations. Includes an LED indicator light to show switch location in a dark room or hallway.

Note: Installed on its own, this is a single pole switch.  When 3-way circuits are present or desired, you need one of these installed as the master or primary load-bearing switch, and a second compatible auxiliary or slave switch, Model GE 12723 (Rocker), or GE 12728 (Toggle).

Transform your home into a smart home with GE ZigBee Wireless Lighting Controls!

The Smart Switch can be used with any light type and includes an LED indicator light to show switch location in a dark room or hallway. 

ZigBee lighting controls offer many unique features to help you create the ultimate smart home. The OTA (Over-The-Air) feature automatically upgrades the product's software, keeping your home updated with the latest technology. All products are Energy Monitoring (W and kWh) enabled and support any type of light bulb or small appliance/ceiling fan.

When paired with any HA 1.2 Home Automation certified ZigBee gateways, all products inter-operate with seamless integration. ZigBee also provides an easy-to-install and affordable system to control lighting and small appliances in your home.


Rocker (Paddle) Color Options Available

(Sold Separately)

Ivory Paddle for GE Z-Wave/Zigbee Auxiliary Switches Model 13946
Brown Paddle for GE Z-Wave/Zigbee Auxiliary Switches Model 13944

Black Paddle for GE Z-Wave/Zigbee Auxiliary Switches Model 13941


How-To Videos

45856GE: GE ZigBee In-Wall Smart Switch


GE ZigBee In-Wall Smart Switch

Model 45856 - User Manual PDF

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Download GE ZigBee Dimmer Model 45857 User Manual


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