GoControl Z-Wave 20A Isolated Contact Fixture Module FS20Z-1

GoControl Z-Wave 20A Isolated Contact Fixture Module FS20Z-1
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  • Manufacturer: GoControl
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FS20Z-1
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The GoControl FS20Z-1 fixture module can be used to provide zwave control of incandescent or fluorescent lights, fans, motors or other loads where a wall switch would not be practial. This unique module has an isolated output which means that while it is powered by 120VAC, it can be wired to control any load between 24V and 247V. It does work as a 220VAC switch, however please note that it is NOT a double pole switch, therefore, it can only control one of the two legs of 120V line wires, leaving the second unswitched or live.

The GoControl FS20Z-1 Isolated Contact Fixture Module can be mounted in a single- or multi-gang electrical box to operate loads or control relay-based devices. The relay can be isolated for dry contact applications or powered to switch live loads. This device can operate loads of up to 277v as a single pole switch.

As part of a Z-Wave network, the FS20Z will also act as a wireless repeater to insure that commands intended for another device in the network are received. This is useful when the device would otherwise be out of the radio range of the wireless controller.


  • Powered by 120VAC, capable of switching 24V to 277VAC up to 20A as a single pole
  • Typically installs in junction box or ceiling box to provide remote switching
  • The LED on the FS20Z will turn on when the load attached is ON.
  • Z-Wave Scene Capable and Security Compatible
  • Supports Z-Wave 40Kbps speed
  • Can be used as a single pole switch for any load, including low voltage
  • Built-in on/off button for local control and zwave inclusion
  • Can be programmed to respond to, or ignore, ALL On, ALL Off
  • Range up to 100 feet to zwave controller or closest zwave device
  • For 3 way or 4 way switching use WT00Z remote switch

Great solution as a Garage Door opener - Simply wire in the low voltage wires for your garage door opener into the same box as the FS20Z where 120VAC Line wiring is available and you now have a Z-Wave remote controllable switch that can be used as a garage door opener.  Add an Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor so you can monitor whether the Garage Door is open or closed.  Pair it with an Aeon Labs Minimote (or any other z-wave battery operated remote) and you have a garage door opener remote for your car as well!

Also great for other applications such as Commercial Lighting, In-Ceiling Lighting, Dry-Contact Relays, Pool Pumps and Water Heaters.




GoControl Z-Wave 20A Isolated Contact

Fixture Module FS20Z User Manual PDF

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GoControl Z-Wave Smart Home

Connected Products Brochure PDF

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Download GoControl Z-Wave 20A Isolated Contact  Fixture Module FS20Z - User Manual PDF  Download GoControl Z-Wave Smart Home Connected Products Brochure PDF


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