GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Controller - Model GD00Z-4

GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Controller - Model GD00Z-4
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  • Item #: 11284
  • Manufacturer: GoControl
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: GD00Z-4, GD00Z-5
  • Condition: New
  • Firmware Version;: Z-Wave Firmware Version 1.2
  • Packaging: OEM Packaging, Retail Box
  • AC Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: Indoor use only
  • Range: 100 feet Max line of sight between Wireless Controller and closest receiver module
  • Security Compatible: Yes
  • Signal (Frequency): 908.42 MHz
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The GoControl GD00Z Garage Door Opener Remote Controller accessory is compatible with virtually any automatic garage door opener connected to a sectional garage door. You simply ‘pair’ the unit into the Gateway, mount the unit, connect two wires and plug it in. It is just that easy to have a complete system that will open or close the garage door remotely through a Z-Wave certified Gateway or Security Panel.

Providing both audible and visual warnings prior to door movement, the GD00Z meets UL 325-2010 safety requirements. These built-in measures (in addition to the safety features that come with the garage door opener) make this a safe way to remotely open / close a garage door.

The Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller accessory integrates with other GoControl Z-Wave enabled products, and can also act as a wireless repeater to ensure that commands intended for another device in the network are received (useful when a device would otherwise be out of radio range).


  • Power: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Garage door position sensor frequency: 345 MHz
  • Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42 MHz

Z-Wave Specifications

  • Range: Up to 100 feet between the wireless controller and/or the closest Z-Wave receiver module
  • Network inclusion
  • Scene: Command Class
  • Security compatible


  • FCC
  • ETL
  • UL 325

Included Accessories

  • Power supply 120VAC / 60Hz to 12VDC
  • Garage Door Sensor

Additional Information

Independant review of the GoControl GD00Z Series Garage door controllers.



GoControl Garage Door

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Download GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Controller  Model GD00Z-4 User Manual PDF  Download GoControl Garage Door Compatible Products  Download GoControl Z-Wave Smart Home Connected Products Brochure PDF


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