X-10 Keychain Remote Starter Kit - Model RC6500

X-10 Keychain Remote Starter Kit - Model RC6500 kr19a tm751 rkr24
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  • Item #: 11123
  • Manufacturer: X-10 (USA) Ltd
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RC-6500
  • Condition: New
  • Batteries Required:: Remote - 1 x CR2025 Lithium (Included)
  • DC Voltage: Remote - 3 VDC
  • Dimming Capable: No - Locally (Yes, Remotely according to receivers used)
  • AC Voltage: Transceiver - 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: Indoor use only
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The RC6500 Keychain Remote Starter Kit comes with a wireless transceiver and a keychain remote.  Control your home's porch or entry lights from the driveway!  Includes the TM751 Transceiver and KR19A/RKR24 Keychain Remote. Works with X10 modules for all your home remote control needs. Transceiver unit operates as a module to give you immediate control of any lamp or appliance that is plugged into it. The keychain transmitter operates 2 units, ideal for turning on or off your front porch and hallway lights from the driveway.

Install the included base receiver inside your garage or just inside the entrance to your home. The 16-device base unit will receive all 16-unit codes and can be used together with any X10 wireless remotes.  The base unit has built-in appliance module that responds to the first button on the remote. Plug a lamp or any load up to 500-watts incandescent or 15-amp resistive.  Order any X10 receiver module for the other button or order additional receiver modules and dial them to the same code. Imagine, pressing one button and the outside, porch, and interior lights all come on!

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