X-10 PRO 5 Amp Plug-in Noise Filter Module - Model XPPF

X-10 PRO 5 Amp Plug-in Noise Filter Module - Model XPPF
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  • Manufacturer's Product Number: XPPF
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Certain devices such as TV's, VCR, computers, or appliances are sometimes cause X10 modules not to work correctly.  This is because when these devices are ON, they may cause "noise" that is generated by them.  This "noise" is put onto the AC power line causing X10 signal interference. 

Sometimes the offending device doesn't even have to be on, because most often TV's, computers, satellite receivers, DVD players, etc. still have their power supplies on the power line even though they are turned off. The problem may be caused by the device simply being plugged into the AC power line.  Symptoms of line noise can be modules that can be turned ON but not OFF or vice versa. Sometimes dim commands can dim too far or just so far, and then stop.

The X10 Pro XPPF is designed to stop the "noise" from going out onto your homes AC wiring. It also blocks X10 signals from being absorbed by appliances and other electrical devices that may be reducing X10 signal strength.  The X10 Pro XPPF is simple to install.  Simply plug it in, then plug the suspected device (TV, VCR, Computer or whatever appliance) into the filter. Rated for anything up to 5 Amps.

The X10 Pro Plug-In Filter Module Model XPPF has the following features:

  • Filters out AC power line noise generated by appliances or any electrical device that may cause problembs with your X10 system signal reliability
  • Prevents X10 signals from being absorbed by appliance power supplies and electrical devices
  • Easy to use-simply plug into any outlet
  • 120 VAC, 5A
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