X-10 Powerhouse Door/Window Sensor - Model DS10A

X-10 Powerhouse Door/Window Sensor - Model DS10A
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  • Item #: 11145
  • Manufacturer: X-10 (USA) Ltd
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DS10A
  • Condition: New
  • DC Voltage: 2 (two) AA Batteries
  • Color Options Available (Yes/No): White as shown
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Price $13.99
2 or more $12.49 each
4 or more $11.79 each
6 or more $10.99 each
10 or more $9.99 each
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Don't be caught napping when it matters most! When a door or window is opened, this expert sensor wirelessly signals your X10 Home Security System's Base Console (sold separately) about the intrusion. Works great with Protector PLUS Voice Dialer Security System (not included).

Please note: This item is only the X10 Powerhouse Door/Window Sensor (DS10A) - the preceding information is to make you aware of what this device can do when integrated with the complete X10 security system, of which this is only one of the many component accessories available. Wireless Remote Controls (KR10A), Smart Wireless Motion Sensor (MS18A), Handheld Remote (SH624) and Plug-in Sirens (PH508 or SH10A) are sold separately.

Now, please remember this is ONLY an accessory for the Console unit which is the heart of the system. All the accessories mentioned above (the pieces which communicate with the dialer like door and window sensor, remote controls, sirens, etc.) are for sale SEPARATELY. This gives you the flexibility to purchase your own when you need them, and you have total control over what types of accessories (ie: what kind of security system) you desire. Plus you don't have to spend very much money all at once, once you have this unit, just buy the additional pieces when you can afford to!

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