X-10 Wireless Appliance Module Starter Kit - Model WAM466

X-10 Wireless Appliance Module Starter Kit - Model WAM466
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  • Manufacturer: X-10 (USA) Ltd
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: WAM466
  • Condition: New
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The X-10 Wireless Appliance Module Starter Kit allows you to keep energy bills down and control appliances all over the house.  It can control up to 15 other devices simply by adding additional X10 Light switches, lamp modules or appliance modules without the additional expense of more transceivers.  This starter kit contains an AM466 Appliance Module (3-Pin Grounded), an HR12A PalmPad Remote Control and a TM751 Mini Transceiver.

TM751 Mini Transceiver:

The TM751 is the heart of any X-10 Wireless system.  It converts wireless signals into powerline X10 signals and works with all X10 RF remote controls and PIR motion sensors. Wireless X10 devices need this base unit to catch the radio signals and convert them to X10 signals on the electricity line. Add as many handheld remotes and X10 wireless devices as you want to each base. As long as the transmitters are on the same house code as the base, they will all control the same devices. 

AM466 3-Pin Appliance Module:

Add remote control to any household electronic device in seconds, including TV's, radios, fans, air conditioners and non-dimmable CFL's or fluorescent lamps!  Just plug the device into one of these 3-Pin X10 Appliance Modules, and then plug the module into an outlet, and the device can now be turned on or off from any X10 controller in the house!

HR12A PalmPad Remote Control:

The HR12A PalmPad is a handheld remote control that expands your X10 wireless remote control system. Control your lights and appliances all around your house without leaving your sofa! Just plug in your X10 module or switch from up to 100 feet away! This incredible remote control operates as many as 16 devices (or groups of devices) and includes dimming and brightening buttons for use with dimmable lights.

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