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Welcome to the Software Category of our store.  This category is divided into two sections.

Directly below are the Home Automation Software titles that we sell as an authorized dealer. Simply add these titles to your shopping cart like a normal purchase and you will be able to complete your purchase and proceed to download or receive your software via email, download link or regular shipping via USPS.

The second section below, is a table listing most of the popular Z-Wave Home Automation programs and apps for your smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC's. Some of the apps below are free, but some are for sale by third parties and are links only for our customer's use and information.

Home Automation Software for Android & iPhone Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and PC's

App Name Compatible OS Compatible Controller, Hub Links (Links - Download location, Website or App Store) Home Automation Protocol
Home Buddy Android Mi Casa Verde

Home Buddy Website

Google Play Store

Vera Mobile Android Mi Casa Verde Google Play Store Z-Wave
AutHomation Android Mi Casa Verde

AppBrain - AutHomation Website

Google Play Store

Square Connect iOS Mi Casa Verde Square Connect Z-Wave
Automator.app iOS Mi Casa Verde iTunes Z-Wave
iVera iOS Mi Casa Verde

iVera Website


OpenSourceAutomation Windows, Android via Plug-in (TBC - Zwave) CM11A, CM15A, CM17A

Open Source Automation